Your children used the wrong kind of dish soap in the dishwasher and bubbles and foam are seeping in the seams spilling onto your hardwood kitchen floor, and quick! First, don’t panic. You’re not the primary homeowner to manage an overflowing dishwasher. It is really a rather common mishap. Once you block the dishwasher and eventually get the bubbles to subside, now it is time to perform damage control.


Survey the damage and write down what you see. The amount of repair you will need will depend on how severe your damage is. These are indications of water damage in hardwood floors in ascending sequence from least severe to most severe; breaking, peeling, cupping, crowning, and buckling. Cracking and peeling, particularly of the finish can easily be repaired with sanding and refinishing. When you see more acute damage signs like cupping (if the edges of your boards warms up ), crowning (whenever the midst of your boards are swollen greater than the borders ), buckling (as soon as the plank sticks out over the surrounding floor boards), it is probably your floors will need to be replaced.


After you’ve assessed the harm done, make sure you call the business that you trust to repair your hardwood flooring to their former glory and give you a reasonable quote on the job. The highly trained and talented technicians at Croydon Floor Sanding Can restore your hardwood flooring quickly and easily. If you telephone us quickly enough, we can usually decrease the amount of repairs you’re going to need.

Even if there’s considerable harm, we are able to diminish the costs by replacing just the damaged region and seamlessly weave fresh planks into the existing flooring. Then we could use our advanced dustless sanding technology to refinish your complete region and make sure the stain and finish are uniform throughout the entire floor. You’ll never know there was a difficulty.

If you find yourself in this pinch, then make sure to call the company you aspire to do the task correctly at Croydon Floor Sanding . Cal us in 020 3369 0685.



For those with allergies, it’s important that the house be as free of causes as possible. If you’re looking for flooring alternatives, hardwood flooring will allow you to maintain good indoor air quality. Here are a couple ways that utilizing this material will help reduce allergies in your home.

Why Are Wood Floors Beneficial For People With Allergies?

1.Collect Fewer Allergens

From dust mites to insects, many insects can nestle in carpet. As they go through their life cyclesthey leave behind droppings that trigger year-round allergic reactions and congestion.

Hardwood floors don’t harbor these insects, as there’s no place for dust and dirt to sink into. Pollen, dust, and other exterior materials too won’t build up on the smooth planks, providing relief from symptoms.

2.Easy to Wash

Even if the floor does collect grime, it’s easy to spot debris on a hardwood floor. A fast sweep will eliminate allergens on the surface.

To handle dirt, then run a clean microfiber mop over the surface once a week. No water is needed and there’s no waiting period for the floor to dry.

3.Reduce Air Pollution

In a procedure called off-gassing, carpeting emits gases known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As these build up in the air, they cause throat, skin, and nose irritation, as well as other allergic reactions. Carpets can emit these gases for up to five years.

Hardwood floors are all-natural and do not bring additional allergens into the house upon installation. To further decrease exposure to VOCs, wash the house with ecofriendly products according to label directions.

When you’re ready to improve your indoor air quality, contact

Croydon Floor Sanding in Croydon. We’ve provided amazing and comfortable flooring to homeowners. We carry a variety of hardwood choices and will help you pick one that fits your taste and needs. Telephone 020 3151 9685 with any queries, or see our site and Facebook to learn more.

Solid or Engineered Walnut Flooring

Walnut floors, whether or not it is engineered or solid, is a popular option and should you look at it is rich, dark color, it is readily seen why. In it’s normal condition, walnut flooring currently has its own dark and refined characteristics that the finishing process enriches. Using its distinctive sign of purple featuring subtly within its own general colouring, walnut hardwood floors is a fashionable flooring alternative whose appearance just improves with time.

Native to North America, walnut usually includes a rather routine grain however could, from time to time, incorporate a more intricate grain pattern. Typically selected to enhance an inside that’s crying out for a dark base color, walnut floors is offered in engineered or solid wood floors choices. Regardless of whether you are selecting walnut, or some other timber species for that matter, the selection between engineered and solid wood flooring will not affect the last appearance of your flooring.

Solid walnut wood floors, as the name implies is made from boards of walnut, which are made from a single piece of timber. Engineered walnut wood floors, on the other hand, is made up of a combination of wood and other materials. Engineered walnut hardwood floors is typically made up of three layers of hardwood and a layer of plywood or MDF. Because this base is finished off with a layer of wood, in this case walnut, the look of the flooring will be exactly the same whether you opt for the strong or the engineered option.

1 thing to bear in mind if you’re intending to install either a solid or an engineered walnut floor would be the effect that sun will have on your new floor. Because walnut is highly light sensitive, it’s a inclination to darken and become richer in color over time (when subjected to ultra-violet light). In many ways, this adds to the charm of this sumptuous wood, but may, in case you are not aware of it at the outset, come as a small surprise.

While not necessarily suited to high traffic areas, thanks to the fact that it is a softer wood than the likes of oak, walnut floors is ideal for rooms which are (for a huge portion of the period at least) pet and child-free.

Key Differences Between Oak and Walnut

If you’re thinking of investing in a hardwood flooring or solid worktop for the kitchen you will not only bear in mind that there’s a massive choice of woods, but you’ll also realize that amongst the most popular choice of wood flooring and worktops is walnut and walnut. Oak and walnut hardwood flooring are both widely available and the principal difference between the two is the grain. This guide will allow you to recognise the differences between both of these popular forests and will aid you in making the best choice to suit your needs.Untitled

Grey Stained Oak Flooring: Must Have For Trendy Interiors

4e023d7e07d472693fa77f2a50dfc965Are you currently in the process of producing a trendy inside? Are you scouring the inside mags and internet sites to be certain to have the newest cutting edge look for your next job? Yes? Then gray stained walnut flooring is guaranteed to be in your list! Whichever room in the house you’re seeking to flooring or re-floor, gray stained walnut floors will look magnificent if you make the proper choices. In a nutshell, gray stained walnut floors is a should have for fashionable interiors.

We all know that getting favourites is not always such a fantastic thing, but if you are as passionate about hardwood flooring since we are, it is normal that we select out specific solutions we like better than many others.

Fabulous Five Favourite amount 1

On peak of this listing, it needs to be this Organic Engineered Oak, Grey UV Oiled alternative. This floor has flown off the shelves because we began to inventory it. We are now sitting on a really low stock and also have made the bold move to decrease the purchase price by a whopping 60 percent to change what is left. The fantastic appearances supplied via this ground, its UV filter, its suitability for any space in the house and its price makes it our Best Fabulous Five Favourite — and we can not help but believe you will agree with us!

Fabulous Five Favourite amount 2

This engineered walnut click spring gray UV oiled alternative includes a close second on our Fabulous Five Favourites list. Why? Again because it has been UV oiled, which means that it’ll stand up to harsh sunlight without fadingagain because it is a stunningly warm and interesting flooring alternative, but particularly because of it is click system. If you’re not familiar with click system flooring, it’s the simplest type of flooring to install on a DIY basis as a result of the simple fact that every board was created along all of its edges to only’click’ set up without the need for nails or adhesive. Go on, check it out.

Fabulous Five Favourite amount 3

For anybody who is somewhat apprehensive of deciding upon an out-and-out grey VIRTUO-Dalia-2-1024x683flooring, this organic engineered walnut click Sahara gray brushed and UV lacquered floor is a superb introduction to gray. Having a very warm texture for this, you receive all the advantages of gray flooring and the heat of blond flooring wrapped into one. Again using a 53% reduction now online offer, you really can not go wrong AND, again you have the massive advantage of this click setup system for this particular one — perfect!

Fabulous Five Favourite amount 4

This Fabulous Five Favourite number 4 is a true gray and is a stunning floor for anybody who is looking for a classy and timeless option for any room in the home. We have found it installed in bathrooms and kitchens, lounges and dining rooms in addition to throughout whole loft apartments and in bedrooms, and each time it truly looks the company . This natural engineered walnut London gray UV oiled flooring is for you in the event that you want a great excellent product at a excellent cost as well as a true grey completed look.

Fabulous Five Favourite number 5

For anybody who is brave enough (and tons of our clients are), this prime engineered walnut metal gray brushed UV lacquered flooring only must be about our top 5 listing. A stunning metallic end, should you make this decision, you are going to leave no one in any doubt you have the assurance to pick the look you truly want and take it out to the max. Mix and match this particular floors using pretty much any kind of inside and you truly are the envy of your family and friends. Add to all of that, the very fact that it is currently on offer with over 60 percent off and you’ll see why we believe this gray stained walnut flooring alternative actually is something to shout !

So, if you have decided that grey stained oak floors is a should have for your trendy inside, we hope you discover the grey stained walnut flooring option you’re searching for in our list of Fabulous Five Favourites. But in case you have not, why not browse our full grey oak choice here or get connected so we can help you make the right option? In the end, it costs nothing to talk!

Dark Coloured Engineered Wood Flooring

6Dark colored engineered wood flooring can immediately add charisma and appeal to any area. A dark floor is perfect for more traditional design homes and bigger areas. The benefits of the engineered structure allows you to utilize the floor in a much more versatile way, including with underfloor heating or in a conservatory.

What’s dark colored engineered timber flooring created?
There are a range of ways which dark colored engineered timber floors could be made. Primarily, the engineered floor planks are created. They’ve a genuine solid top coating (wear layer), which means you’ll be walking on actual wood. Then underneath is quite a few foundation layers created from plywood or other sorts of wood. These base layers provide the flooring planks extra stability and durability.

Some species of timber are obviously dark in color (such as Walnut or even Blacknut), therefore these can be utilized as the upper wear layer of the floors. Alternately, if you would like something just a bit different, then you can pick Oak since the wear layer, then add a color stain. It’s possible to either do that yourself, by buying an bare Oak engineered flooring , then picking a dark color stain to use into the surface. Or you might decide on a pre-finished engineered flooring using a dark color stain already added. Some instances are:

  • Distressed Antique Oak
  • Cappuccino Oak Parquet Block
  • Chocolate Oak Chevron Flooring

If you choose an unfinished floor, you have to seal the surface with a petroleum once the stain has been added. We would always suggest that you use a specialist floor fitter for this.

Why should I select dark colored engineered timber flooring?hardwood-about
Here are the reasons why people believe you should choose a dark-coloured engineered timber flooring:

  • For those who get a big, airy space, it is going to add some personality and thickness.
  • You are able to use engineered wood floors with underfloor heating and in conservatories.
  • Setup is simple as you’ve got the choice of floating it within an underlay.
  • The flooring will provide you a wealthy and classic sense of luxuriousness.
  • There’s a choice of plank floor or parquet blocks.
  • Ultimately, it’s investment. A hardwood floor can last a lifetime if you take care of and keep it correctly.


324325_281198841895211_7338261_oWooden flooring is a popular trend in interior design at this time. No matter which room you walk right into, wide planks, dark tones and organic grains are creating a lasting wow factor. Specially Engineered Oak – it’s seen today everywhere and with numerous great colors and colors – this floor can not go our of fashion.

Why is hardwood floors so hot right now?

From the moment it’s laid, hardwood floors adds sophistication, richness of texture and colour to any inside. But it doesn’t stop there; real hardwood floors is very special in its ability to seem better and better with age.

Choices, choices

With all the hardwood flooring on the market, how do you understand which wooden flooring product to select? Engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers of closely compressed thin hardwood. Amongst its many benefits, engineered hardwood flooring is suitable for underfloor heating (perfect for winter!) And exceptionally durable. There is also a difference in size; most solid hardwood flooring have a maximum plank width of 160mm, although some engineered planks are available in wider planks. Wide planks are an increasing tendency in UK interiors thanks to their ability to create a space appear larger.

Once you’ve selected the type of flooring you want, you need to choose the species of flooring. Weigh up the suitability of hardwoods, such as walnut, cherry, oak and walnut, against the softwoods such as pine. Research how their tones and grains will operate in your particular space. Think about foot traffic and how long you need the wooden flooring to be. The harder the ground, the better it’s going to be able to defy the needs of your area.

What is in vogue?

If you would like to follow the hot styles, choose wide planks and dark forests. Oiled finishes are the top sellers. Nevertheless, when it comes down to this, you need to choose the ideal hardwood flooring to your space. By way of instance, long planks operate nicely in massive spaces, while short, wide ones make smaller rooms appear more spacious. Much like paint colours, consider a light timber to decorate a dim room. And needless to say, sustainability is the hot topic so make sure you search for the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp on solid hardwood floors.


shutterstock_573542053The reply to the question if a hardwood floor will alter its colour after setup is quite straightforward: it mostly depends on the neighboring states in the interior where the wooden floor was fitted and the type of flooring you have selected. As a natural product wood can alter its color and form based on atmospheric conditions. That’s the reason you need to expect your wooden floor, especially if it’s made from solid wood, can change colour after installation.

Flooring and UV

Generally, most wood types alter color under the effect of ultraviolet light. This is a similar procedure as the one impacting our skin it changes its color when exposed to sunlight. But there’s 1 difference — the skin will always get darker when you sunbathe, whilst in the case of forests it may be either way — some woods can become darker when exposed to sun, but others get lighter. There are a few products to be used for ultraviolet protection available in specialist stores, but none of them can guarantee whole protection against the impact of sunlight.

Colour Varies in different flooring Ranges

Solid wood is available in a variety of grades of wood, which range from prime to rustic. With this scale prime wood is that of high quality, and so it’s more expensive. And, it is worth noticing that prime standard wood changes colour less compared to lower levels of timber (e.g. rustic grade).

Dark and light Colors

A crucial aspect to take into consideration is the own budget. The selection of flooring types you’ll have the ability to pick from will to some extent is determined by the budget you have got. Other things include the option between engineered or solid wood floors, the width of this plank and clearly the color of the timber. On the recent years clients have grown fond of rather dark (almost black) wood flooring. Such flooring can in fact change their color after setup if you don’t utilize products which shield them against the effect of ultraviolet lighting. So, generally speaking, darker colors of timber have a propensity to acquire milder. The contrary situation applies to milder species, such as walnut and cherry. Those sorts of timber usually are somewhat darker when exposed to sun. And the two procedures can be very annoying.


If you want to maintain the colour of your hardwood flooring unchanged and protect it against too significant colour changes, don’t forget to apply a finish with a sunscreen. It’ll prevent a number of ultraviolet rays from penetrating into the ground and causing colour changes.

There are also a number of practical tips which can help you protect your flooring in this regard. It’s possible, for instance, shut the blinds or curtains at times once the sun is quite strong. The other useful solution is installing ultraviolet sunscreens into the windows. That’s actually a good remedy to guard all of wooden objects contrary to colour changes due to vulnerability sunrays.

Protecting Your Denver Hardwood Floors From Animal Scratches

1975238_779363408758543_1748669500_nFor each and every person out there that hates having pets inside, furry buddies also find people which are more than prepared to take them and let them become an equal portion of the household. Pets, both cats and dogs, move inside and therefore are usually allowed complete run of the house, which comprises any hardwood flooring surfaces which could be already existing or installed as a member of a new building job.

Despite their affection for creatures, even the largest pet lover may observe a rise in their blood pressure if a cat or dog start leaving evident scratch marks throughout the floor. Developed by addiction, losing their particular grip, play, or even just walking all those noticeable indentions can possibly hurt the worth of a house and lead to requirement for replacement or remodeling in the event the damage gets too intense.

In order to prevent scratching from attaining this extreme and maintain the peace of a family of animal lovers – all the following will help in limiting the potential harm.

Maintain Nails Trimmed

The largest preventative measure to maintaining animals from scratching up the surface on a regular basis entails keeping the pets nails trimmed. A clipper or instrument may be utilized as needed but some animals may not enjoy the essential care – particularly if this can be an whole new experience for your pet.

If that is true, consider using some creative methods to prevent needing to trimming shutterstock_57502996.jpgyour dog or cat’s nails. Regular walks strong, rough surfaces and other techniques can play a major part in creating the exercise enjoyable for your furry friend whilst protecting your hardwood flooring.

Area Rugs and Runners

Covering high traffic regions of the house where pets regularly play or run rugs, runners, or other ornamental pieces will even limit the harm they could do. These covered surfaces offer a protective layer between your creature’s claws and some other hardwood flooring surfaces.

Nail Caps

If carpets and runners are not a choice, then nail caps may be the next best thing. These relatively new coverings are very similar to boots or gloves for your dogs or cats, but the cap only covers the claw when exposed.

Soft paws for puppies is one such thing, known as humane and safe for the pet.

Protective Wax and Coating

Another option for protecting your hardwood floor investment is by utilizing a wax or finish coat to overlay the whole surface of a house. There are a variety of products available which can provide another layer of protection without having to hide the beauty of hardwood floors or alter their physical appearance, glow, or complete.

When you’re ready to repair, or refinish the hardwood floors around your home then look no farther than Croydon Floor Sanding. Our professionally trained employees have a wealth of experience and will assist with the particulars of which factors will influence any improvement to your house as each and every one will be different. Whether repairing previous damage done by animals, if yours or a previous owner, our associates are here to help. Contact us today at 020 3151 9685 to schedule your free estimate to get started.


DSC01051The beauty, elegance, and also touch of class you will begin to notice after having hardwood floors fitted in your house is next to none. With proper care, attention, and upkeep, your floor will last a lifetime, adding substantial value to your home.

After deciding to put money into hardwood floors, you might want to do everything in your power to ensure it keeps its original appeal. As time passes, however, it is totally natural that your floor will undergo daily wear and tear and might suffer with small scrapes or chips. When these dents and chips might just be small, and will probably not be seen by people, your floors is an investment, as well as small imperfections can perform on your mind.

Unfortunately, if you don’t depart whatever room your hardwood floors is in completely empty and don’t allow people indoors, there’s no way to guarantee that your flooring will never processor. There are, however, a few simple preventative steps you can take to reduce this threat.

In two earlier posts we discussed the importance of properly keeping your hardwood floor, and some of these tips directly link to reducing the chance of chipping or scratching your flooring.

Dirt, grit and sand are a few of the most common causes of scrapes and chips in hardwood flooring. If any dirt is not quickly removed, it can act like sandpaper under your toes, damaging your flooring. Attempt to wash your floor with a soft broom when possible.

Ensure any high heels in your home are kept in good repair, however if possible invite individuals to remove their shoes prior to entering any rooms with hardwood floors. If you have any pets, then it’s very important to keep their claws trimmed, because these can have the same negative impact as high heels.

Utilise felt pads on the feet or legs of any furniture that will be in direct contact with the floor, and try to not move the furniture. Should you have to move your furniture though, make sure it is lifted, rather than pulled or dragged across the floor.

By following these simple suggestions, you can significantly lessen the possibility of scratching or chipping your hardwood flooring. If your floors does get scratched or chipped however, there are some easy ways to repair these flaws. Keep checking back for future articles, where we’ll discuss some ways it is possible to fix any damage your floor may get.